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Kuwait Energy Company

Kuwait Energy Company (“KEC”)

Established: 2005

Energy House Shareholding: 13.75%

KEC has the advantage of a management team that has vast experience in exploration and production operations in developing countries and can leverage this experience to enhance their success rate. The company currently produces approximately 28,000 barrels per day (of oil) and currently operates in Egypt, Iraq, Oman and Yemen. KEC is targeting to dramatically increase their current production over the next 3-5 years. The company’s proven and probable reserves at year end 2015 were approximately 825 million barrels of oil equivalent. It is worth mentioning that KEC is preparing itself for an eventual listing of its shares on a well-known public stock market.

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SynFuels International

Synfuels International (“Synfuels”)

Established: 1998

Energy House Shareholding: 25%
Including exclusive marketing rights for the Arabian Gulf, MENA, FSU and Indian Sub-continent regions

U.S. based Synfuels is the developer of a revolutionary patented Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) technology, based on the ECLAIRS process. The ECLAIRS process has significant advantages over the Fischer-Tropsch process and conventional technology in terms of capital and process costs, product throughput, yields and quality.

Their competitive advantage is the economic benefits of this technology combined with ease of implementation makes it the perfect choice for oil and gas producers with stranded gas flaring to capture lost revenue while reducing carbon emissions.  Additionally, their technology is ideal in utilizing low value gas (including ethane) and converting to higher value liquids.

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Saudi Makamin Company Oil & Gas Services

Saudi Makamin Company for Oil and Gas Services (“Makamin”)

Established: 2008

Energy House Shareholding: 10%

Saudi Makamin provides diverse services to the oil and gas sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad including work-over and deep water drilling, non-destructive testing services, fabrication of pipelines, site preparation, geophysical and geological studies. In addition to that, the company offers other services involving advanced-technologies throughout its investments and alliances with international partners including i-fields and SCADA services, manufacturing and supply of wireline tools (PNLs) and passive seismic.

Over the past few years, the company demonstrated great ability to undertake operational contracts with a high success rate in its bidding activities with major oil and gas companies in the region, including Saudi Aramco. Makamin also took great steps in creating successful international alliances.

Makamin is progressing rapidly to increase its market share in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and implement more operational projects in the region through its distinctive business development and marketing team who are closely monitoring the market to capture lucrative business opportunities in order to maintain company growth in its profits and overall financial performance.

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Higleig Petroleum Services and Investment Company (“HSPIC”)

Higleig Petroleum Services and Investment Company ("HPSIC")

Established: 1997

Energy House Shareholding: 64.25%

HPSIC is an active EPC company in the fields of civil/infrastructure and the oil & gas industries. They are also qualified and capable of oil drilling and oil & gas plant construction.

HPSIC has the advantage of a large scale operation and asset base, combined with long operational experience in North Africa, which earned them a leading position as a preferred contractor for government projects - projects which have the benefits of reduced risk and guaranteed revenue streams.

The company is focused on the re-engaged business and economic efforts between North Sudan and South Sudan, as well as, joint venture collaborative efforts with international companies in North and South Sudan and within the MENA region.

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Oil Field Instrumentation (India) Limited (OFIL)

Oil Field Instrumentation (India) Limited (“OFIL”)

Established: 1992

Energy House Shareholding: Indirect ownership of 12.9%
(36.36% of the Special Purpose Vehicle/Fund "Kitara-OFIL" holding 35.49% of OFIL)

OFIL provides mud logging services to corporate establishments that are engaged in oil well drilling, exploration and development, including deep water and coal bed methane (CBM). The Company manufactures its own proprietary mud logging units (MLUs) and also provides rig instrumentation and services for accurate, reliable and globally accessible online - real time drilling data using pressure indicators, diaphragms, driller consoles, recorders, etc. The Company also provides real time gas evaluation systems consisting of FID/TCD gas chromatograph (GC) with sensitivity in PPM.

The Company currently operates in India and other parts of the MENA region. Currently, more focus is given to the MENA region.

OFIL is the market leader in Mud Logging in India with a 45% market share. The Company has an installed capacity of 40 MLUs and has monitored more than 2,500 wells in offshore and onshore locations. The company has an in-house software development team for development and upgrading of its mud logging software. Further, it has a pool of more than 300 well qualified and trained professionals, including data engineers, mud loggers, service engineers, computer experts, software professionals and engineers.

Further information about OFIL, its operations and its capabilities can be found at:

Al Meshari Heavy Equipment Trading

Al Meshari Heavy Equipment Trading (MHET) is one of the leading general equipment supplier and rental service provider in U.A.E which provides wide range of high quality branded power generators and other general equipment.

The company provides a broad range of generators powered by Perkins (U.K) and Cummins from 15 to 2000 KVA. MHET serves a broad range of construction and industrial customers including the largest publicly quoted companies in U.A.E as well as small contractors, sub contractors, traders and one man builders.

MHET offers diesel generators rental services with sound proof canopies and automatic timers. The Generator Rental Department has a wide range of high quality and top rated diesel generator sets, supported and maintained by specialized and high skilled engineers with a range of genuine spare parts and accessories.

Company also provides heavy equipments for rental like JCB, Shovel, Excavator, Cranes, Boom Loaders, Bob cat, Fork lift, Trailers, Tippers, Dozers and Water Tankers.

In addition, MHET fabricates sound proof canopies through modern methods of sheet metal fabrication techniques. Canopies are designed and upgraded by sound attenuation specialists for optimal sound level reduction.

The company also manufactures diesel storage tanks on the base of the requirement of clients for selling as well as renting.

The success of Al Meshari Heavy Equipment Trading in the Emirati local market within last four years made the company one of the biggest diesel generators suppliers.

Nordic Energy

Nordic Energy FZE (“Nordic”)

Established: 2006

Energy House Shareholding: 92.5%

Nordic is a snubbing & work-over, coiled tubing and well intervention company, based and operating in the United Arab Emirates. Since inception, Nordic has strategically grown from a small well services company to a company with a fleet of sophisticated thru-tubing tools, coiled tubing units and advanced snubbing & work over units. To better supply the customers with oilfield servicing solutions, the company also offer specialized fishing tools, thru-tubing cutting systems, and scale removal systems to its services. With its unique expertise, Nordic also provides support to drilling operations by supplying equipment and personnel on many well service operations within the oil and gas industry.

These services, innovations and location, sets Nordic apart from any other company in the Middle East region. The company is currently active in Turkmenistan and is qualified or has cooperation agreements in the U.A.E., Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The company will continue to seek new opportunities on its own or with a collaborative effort with other complementary service providers. The market in the MENA region provides a compelling platform for their capabilities and cost structure.

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Al-Taqa Fund

In 2012, Energy House invested in the Al-Taqa Fund L.P. (a Sharia compliant parallel fund) through AREF Energy International Limited (a 100% subsidiary of Energy House and an exempted company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability).

Kerogen capital is an independent private equity fund adviser established in 2007. It manages the Kerogen Energy Fund L.P. (and the parallel Sharia compliant Al-Taqa Fund L.P.), collectively a USD 1 Billion Fund, which specializes in providing growth and development capital to small and medium- size companies in the oil and gas sector.

Kerogen Capital is based in Hong Kong with a presence in London. Kerogen Capital focuses on investments in international emerging basins, particularly those with a nexus to Asian demand and investment flows. It also invests selectively in unconventional oil and gas projects. The Kerogen team is comprised of oil and gas industry experts with technical, operational and private equity management experiences, in addition to an extensive strategic network.

Further information about the Kerogen team and its investments can be found at: